The Awesome

Our basic shoot (if there is such a thing).
This shoot starts Awesome with a shoot that typically runs a couple hours (though we don’t watch the time very closely).

The Awesome is enough time for 2-3 outfits and a couple different lighting setups/ backgrounds. These shoots produce 7 finished (retouched) images that you have selected during the session. Retouching involves us taking your 7 selected images Photoshop-ing them to touch up skin, remove distractions, balance light – basically making them (and you) look amazing. We then deliver them to you within a week (often sooner).

What’s delivered?
•digital files via dropbox/email in two format
•full resolution (you can print up to 8×12″)
•web resolution (perfect for social media sharing)

Anything not included?
Makeup/ hair. We have a network of very skilled MUA’s and hairstylists that we can call upon should you need assistance. You are also welcome to bring your own stylists along with you.

All this Awesomeness for $400

Awesome Plus

Where the Awesome shoot is everything you could want, the Awesome Plus goes even further – extra time, extra setups, extra outfit changes, extra photos, even extra people!

Awesome Plus sessions involve advanced setups including smoke machines and advanced Photoshop’d backgrounds to make your photos one-of-a-kind. Picture awesome, then add some more.

Up to 2 people included (additional add $75 each)

Typically 3-4 hours (but again, we don’t watch the clock)

You can expect 15 finished images in the same format as the Awesome Shoot.

What can we accomplish in 3-4 hours? You can expect: advanced lighting, smoke machines and other tricks, very excited photographers (as we love creating at this level), different setups, multiple wardrobes, lots and lots of photos, and more fun than you can shake a Polaroid at!

$600. Crazy. Awesome.

The Dirty

By popular demand – we’ve been asked to provide something simple, straightforward, and affordable.

Sometimes you don’t need the full experience but just a couple of quality images and you need them done quickly. If this is the case, you’re looking for The Dirty.

One outfit. One simple background (you pick in advance). You show up ready to go.

We shoot, review, tweak, re-shoot and find those couple best images.

The result – 2 finished images, edited and delivered within a few hours (sometimes even before you leave the studio!).

Same awesome service. Same awesome reviewing, editing and results. Just done quick and dirty.

(Why call it “The Dirty”? Because there’s no messing around … plus you have to ask us for a ‘dirty photo shoot’ and we think that’s funny.)

Note – additional images/edits average $25 per image.